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    Festival News

    25 Days to EDC - 25 Tips and Tricks

    1. This one may be obvious but HYDRATE! Make sure you drink plenty of water and keep your hydration pack or canteen filled throughout the festival. Also fill up once you’re leaving the festival- that morning sun will beat down on you and that way you’ll have a drink while you wait for your ride back.


    2. Leave to the festival early! If you aren’t camping, make sure you plan to leave the strip as early as you can. Don’t wait until after 8 PM to leave, you’ll be sitting in traffic and miss some of the sets you wanted to see!


    3. When you arrive early to the festival be sure to take advantage of the carnival rides! They’re free and the lines will get much longer throughout the night- with lines being up to an hour or more during peak times.


    4. Stop at the merch tent on DAY ONE. Stuff sells out quick and you’ll have a lot less selection to choose from if you check it out on Day 3.


    5.  WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES! Your feet WILL thank you the week after the festival if you choose comfy walking shoes. Between dancing, jumping, and just exploring the entire festival grounds, you’re on your feet most of the night.


    6. Dress up! No matter your style, you see all sorts of fun and amazing rave outfits at EDC (some are even handmade!). Compliment someone’s rave wear if you like it, you might just make their night! Regardless of what you choose to wear, keep that Vegas heat in mind: it WILL be hot.


    7. In addition to hydrating: make sure you eat! There’s a variety of food options throughout the festival but the food trucks are the best (rather than standard concession stand food). You can also try and sneak in protein bars to have as handy snack throughout the night!


    8. If you don’t feel well or dehydrated at all, make sure you visit the medical tent. You WILL NOT get in trouble, no matter your condition. They’re there to help you, not report you.


    9. Take cash with you in case the atm’s inside the speedway aren’t working! And things to bring unopened each day: gum, cigarettes, chapstick, travel antibacterial wipes, baby wipes, and kleenex. (The last 3 are due to how gross those porte-potties can get!)


    10. Bring a portable phone charger if you love to take lots of photos and videos. Plus leaving your phone on airplane mode is a great way to save battery throughout the night!


    11. Designate a meeting spot with your group. Preferably something STATIONARY and central to the entire festival. And also decide on what side of the stage you’ll be on, just in case. (Totems are also a great way to find each other!)


    12. Visit EDC town and send a postcard! They send them anywhere worldwide for free. It may take a while for them to send them all out, but once they do, its a nice surprise in the mail :)


    13. If you plan to do anything other than drink alcohol, be smart and be safe about it. Don’t buy them at the festival, procure them beforehand and TEST. Watch out for any undercover too: you don’t HAVE anything, you aren’t ON anything, and you don’t WANT anything.


    14. Asian trains DO happen so if you and your group need to get somewhere into or out of the crowd, you may as well hop on and hang on for a ride


    15. Keep your valuables (phones, keys, cash, cards, etc.) in your front pockets and CONSTANTLY check for them.


    16. Bring earplugs! Tinnitus is not fun!


    17. Time-stamp your text messages. Cell service can get really congested there so when your friends DO receive your texts, they know when you sent them.


    18. Stock your hotel room with plenty of water and pedialyte on hand. Can’t stress enough the importance of staying hydrated all weekend!


    19. Wear sunscreen! Especially if you plan to be there during the day when the sun is still out!


    20. PACE YOURSELF. Its 3 nights of music from dusk til dawn, you don’t want to crash midway!


    21. Get plenty of rest! Take melatonin with you to help you sleep each night after the festival. Your body will thank you.


    22. Rent a locker! You can charge your phone and keep your valuables safe all weekend.


    23. Look up to the sky when they have the fireworks!


    24. Please please please wear deodorant!


    25. HAVE FUN! Don’t stress about sticking to your pre-made schedule, go with the flow and enjoy yourself! Take a moment to stop and savor it; it’s an unforgettable experience.

    Rave Clothing, Rave Outfits, Rave Wear - 10 Things You Didn't Know About EDC-RaverNationShop

    10 Things You Didn't Know About EDC

    EDC the staple of Rave Culture is the leader in dance culture events. Here are 10 things you didn't know about the Electric Daisy Carnival.


    1. Back in 1997 the entrance tickets for EDC only cost $20! Wheres that time machine at??!

    2. EDC has over 150,000 attendees each year which makes it the largest music festival in the world, 2X larger than Coachella.

    3. Fans from over 96 countries attend EDC Las Vegas each year. That’s almost half of all the countries in the world.

    4. 225 legal weddings have been performed at EDC Las Vegas.

    5. 24 full-size carnival rides dot the landscape of the festival grounds.

    6.The magma flame cannon at the bassPOD stage shoots a stream of fire 180 feet high – the largest fire structure at EDC Las Vegas.

    7. EDC returned for the 4th time to Mexico City. This time Pasquale Rotella announced that EDC Mexico was the 2nd biggest Insomniac festival. 

    8. EDC grew from a one day event to a two-day event in 2009. In 2011 it grew to a three-day event when the festival made it's debut at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

    9. In the past 5 years EDC has generated over $1.8 billion dollars in revenue for Las Vegas.

    10. EDC stages generate over 900,000 watts of raw speaker power. Say watt!!?


    Sources: MagneticMag, Wikipedia, Insomniac.

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    EDC GIVEAWAY!!! Presented by RaverNationShop

    EDC is right around the corner with less than two months until headliners come together under the electric sky at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway! Even camping has been added to the festival now! 

    RaverNation is giving away TWO 3-DAY GA TICKETS in their first festival giveaway! Have you entered to be eligible to win?! If not, click HERE to register and enter for a chance at two GA tickets! Winner will be announced LIVE on RaverNation's Facebook Fan Page on April 30, 2018 at 6 PM MST! 

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    Ultra Celebrating 20 Years!

    Ultra Music Festival just wrapped up this last weekend celebrating it's 20th anniversary and kicking off the 2018 festival season! 



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